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Intelligent Multi functional NFC Finger Smart Ring

Intelligent Multi functional NFC Finger Smart Ring

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Transform your everyday life with the cutting-edge technology and convenience of our NFC Finger Smart Ring. This fashionable wearable electronic accessory seamlessly connects to your smartphone via Near Field Communication (NFC) to perform a wide range of functions and simplify your daily tasks.


  • Type: NFC Smart Ring
  • Material: titanium steel + NFC smart chip
  • Suitable for: Women, Men 
  • Color: Black and White 
  • Size (Full U.S. sizes optional): 6/7/8/9/10/11/12
  • Package Includes: 1*Ring


  • Check if your phone has NFC functionality in the system settings.
  • If your phone has NFC, enable it in the application software market, search for NFC software, download, and install it.
  • Follow the software's instructions to set up and start using NFC functions.
  • Ensure that the ring's chip is positioned close to your phone's NFC signal area for proper reading and writing.


  • Embedded NFC Chip: The bright ring is embedded with an NFC chip, allowing it to connect exclusively to smartphones with NFC capabilities. Unlock screens, open apps, send and receive name cards and URLs, and much more with just a tap.
  • High Performance: This intelligent ring is designed for quick and efficient operation. It starts phone applications swiftly, providing you with instant access to your favorite features. Simply touch the ring to the phone, and the corresponding app will launch automatically.
  • Easy to Use: Secure your privacy by locking/unlocking apps with ease. Select the applications you want to protect, write them to the ring, and unlock them by touching your phone with the ring. It's a simple and effective way to safeguard your personal data.
  • Safe Privacy: Store private content in the ring, share phone business cards, Wi-Fi passwords, graphics, and more securely. It can also be used as a personal memo, ensuring that only you have the key to unlock your secrets.
  • Waterproof: With high-level water resistance, the ring works without the need for a power supply. It's built with an ultra-sensitive NFC chip, ensuring smooth functionality even in wet conditions.
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Kristina Howell

Has no indications

Erika Hoppe

The product did not arrive

Oswaldo Barrows

Good price and cheap quality

Stephon Donnelly


Darius Quitzon

they came and I lost them it is a good product for what it is but you cannot stay with it if you have to buy a real nfc rinb and the real bracelet manufactured by known companies, and they usually come with a standard application to connect your debit card in it.